5 Benefits of E-Tendering.

By 20th March 2017NEWS
Save 10% to 20% average by E-Tendering with www.my-marketplace.co.uk

Manage suppliers’ bids online

Save 10% to 20% average by E-Tendering with www.my-marketplace.co.uk


By running your tendering process online, you benefit from a system that helps organise the process. The Marketplace eTendering system will automatically invite and manage submissions. This means the people responsible for procurement can focus on things other than ensuring bids are submitted on time and with the right information.

The Marketplace eTendering system does more than allow you and the bidders to simply upload and download documents. By managing responses through the system you can streamline the comparison and evaluation of bids by requiring granular responses.

Automate the eTendering process

From pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) and invitation to tender (ITT) to evaluation, negotiation and award, eTendering helps by automating the process. It makes it easier to invite more potential bidders and much easier to run negotiation models like reverse auctions to achieve the best pricing in the context of the best service offer.

Gain full audit trail and process intelligence

The Marketplace platform is, at its heart, data-centric meaning that every tendering process you run is generating intelligence about the process and providing a full-audit trail. This means that you’ll have visibility on what was submitted and when. However, it also means that you’ll also gain insight into the effectiveness of your tender processes.

Reduce costs and run sustainable, environmentally responsible tenders

Not only will bidders save on postage costs, eTendering leaves a much lighter environmental footprint by reducing the need for printing and posting of multiple copies.

Reduce time-to-procure

Alongside being able to use negotiation techniques as standard, what many organisations will find to be one of the main benefits of eTendering is the reduction in time-to-procure that it delivers. Traditional procurement can involve lengthy delays for PQQ, circulation of tender documents, rounds of questions and lots of chasing.

Typically, it’s estimated that eTendering reduces the time-to-procure by 30%. Shorter lead times mean lower overheads. Data-centric eTendering means more accurate responses and the ability to evaluate more effectively. Which means lower costs and better results.

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