Member Services

As a member of the Marketplace you get access to new buyers and suppliers, as well as qualified procurement and supply chain support.

Tender Services

  • As a member of the Marketplace, we can support and assist you through the entire tender process. We provide a wide range of services that can support you to win more work, and get better value for the money you spend running your business.
  • Typically, we save our clients between 15% to 20% on their current purchasing costs and improve efficiency. We have delivered savings of nearly 80% using The Marketplace technology

The Marketplace provides a number of service levels to suit all needs;

  • Silver Service – Included in your Marketplace membership.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Tender Evaluation.
  • Tender Reports.

You can select any combination of these services to suit and meet your procurement requirements.

Services & Price Structure Free Servcies for Marketplace members Tender Report Gold Tender Evaluation Platinum All Inclusive
Publish quote requests & tenders to the Marketplace with 2 working days.            
Forward any supplier’s correspondence to the buyers and manage all return information.            
All contract and contract award information tracked & logged on the system.            
Promote the contact & tenders through various channels to ensure good responses and results.            
Provide standard reports for each tender that includes contract value, number bids, locations, by contract and project. Additional bespoke reports can also be provided (contact the marketplace team for more information)    
Provide document templates for tenders.    
Evaluate & Review suppliers tender submission prior to upload to the Marketplace and post within 2 working days.      
Evaluation of tender responses, and manage supplier feedback.    
Meet with the buyer to understand their requirements, strategic and tactical demands for the tender.    
Develop and design the tenders and bespoke tender documentation.    
A complete turnkey managed tender service solution  

Additional Services

As a member of the Marketplace you get access to new customers and suppliers backed up by procurement and supply chain specialists to support your business.

Some of the additional procurement services we can provide:

Grant Funding

We have both the access and expertise required to apply and obtain grant funding to help your business grow.

A full cradle to grave service allows you to concentrate on your business without the pain of bidding for funding.

Research & Development tax credits are available for lots of businesses. Don’t presume you are not eligible!

Supplier Management

  • We can manage suppliers on your behalf to ease your workload or deal with difficult situations.
  • Actively manage and control your supplier base to drive down costs.
  • Managing your in-house procurement activities, via the Marketplace.

Group Buying Power

  • Leverage the purchasing power of our members to establish group deals.
  • Economies of scale = Big Discounts.
  • Great benefit to SME’s.
  • Ideally suited to common goods such as tools, PPE, Materials, Services etc.
  • Compete more easily with bigger competitors.

Please contact a member of the Marketplace team to discuss any of these services further.