Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) Consultancy Support.

By 22nd November 2016NEWS

Did you know that we can provide consultancy and procurement support and assist you in claiming back (usually within two weeks!) 35% of our fees? This funding is part of a £9.2m funding stream that we can access to provide your business with a wide range of consultancy services including Procurement, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Sales, Lean and much more.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) can fund 35% of the cost of working with a consultant. The funding is provided via a growth/improvement grant.sterling-cash
To be eligible to apply for the grant, you must be:
1. An SME as defined by the EU definition
a. Fewer than 250 employees
b. A turnover less than or equal to €50m (circa £44m) Or
c. A balance sheet total less than of equal to €43m (circa £38m)
2. A manufacture, defined as:
“A business that engages in any economic activity directly related to a product or
production process they have researched, designed or produced, or otherwise hold
core intellectual property in.”
3. Able to demonstrate the intention to grow/improve – (through creation of increased turnover, increased jobs and/or introduction of new products/services/processes)
A grant can be used for consultancy projects between the value of £1k & £10k.
An average project value is £4k and would attract 35% grant contribution. The grant value is £1400 and means you would only pay £2600 for a £4000 consultancy project.

If you would like to discuss your eligibility or possible ways in which your business could benefit from this, please get in touch.